The European Maritime VISIONS Network is a pre- competitive network initiative of the European shipbuilding industry, together with the European maritime universities and leading research institutes. It implements an annual creative process for the definition and validation of visionary concept ideas for vessels and floating structures. Answering to professional market and society scenarios for the next 5-15 years, VISIONS is a “Think Tank” for product ideas with medium to long term commercialisation perspective.

The European Maritime VISIONS Network is covering 5 market oriented Business Areas:

  • Maritime Tourism/Leisure
    • Short Sea Shipping
      • Inland Shipping
        • Deep Sea Shipping
          • Floating Infrastructures

European Maritime VISIONS Network is

  • strengthening the European waterborne scientific and technological capability to develop innovative concepts for products of the future, by implementing a creative process which involves important stake holders and combines scientific excellence with market requirements
  • contributing to the early exploration of new market opportunities with a competitive advantage for European shipbuilders, by generating and validating ideas answering medium to long term scenarios
  • contributing to the solution of medium and long term transport related problems, like congestion of roads and cities, environmental and safety hazards

Funding by European Commission
DG Research