The VISIONS consortium is composed to reflect in the best possible way the wish for market plus society driven and business relevant results as well as the interdisciplinary and holistic approach advantageous for the definition and validation of innovative concept outlines.

The maritime industry leads five dedicated Business Areas, which have been the most relevant in previous projects and in the preparation of this proposal. Business Area Managers, usually representing industry leaders, are in charge of defining the market requirements for their sectors, to monitor the development of the outline concepts and to evaluate the market acceptance of the concepts.

R&D excellence is structured in seven Fields of Expertise, covering the most relevant aspects which need to be considered in concept outlines for visionary products. Each Field of Expertise is managed by a company or institute, representing scientific and technological excellence in the particular field. Subcontracts will be used, to complement the expertise of the core partners with technical experts to cover specific aspects of the concepts dealt with.
Two fields of expertise play a special role in the innovation process:
  • the "Market and Society Needs" which establish and select market scenarios and evaluate the market potential of the concepts and
  • the "Technical Feasibility / Design" Field, which evaluates technical feasibility based on the input from the other expert fields.
Special Core Partners will ensure close interaction with other ongoing research activities, to ensure proper dissemination and international co-operation.

The main instrument to establish co-operation and integration within the Network of Excellence is the cyclic Innovation Process (Innovation Loop) leading to validated concepts for the individual business areas. The process is repeated three times over the duration of the Network to demonstrate sustainability but also to optimise the process in close interaction with a wider industrial community.

The Innovation Process usually consists of six dedicated steps covering all Business Areas and leading to clearly defined results, reaching from market scenarios to evaluated outline concepts. Each core partner as well as potentially additional technical experts, selected from the WEGEMT associatesí network during the first 3 loops, are involved in the process, which ensures a proper integration and guarantees, that the objectives of the Network can be met. The partnership structure as well as the innovation process will be described later in this document.