The Network of Excellence VISIONS follows three main overall objectives, which are closely interrelated:
  • to strengthen the European scientific and technological capability to develop innovative concepts for the products of the future, by developing a mechanism which involves all share holders and combines scientific excellence with market needs
  • to contribute to the exploration of new market segments with a competitive advantage for European shipbuilders
  • to contribute to the solution of medium and long term transport related problems, like the congestion of roads and cities, environmental and safety hazards
Success in any kind of business requires swift knowledge of market and society needs as well as scientific and technological skills to respond to those needs. Skills and abilities need to be developed in the medium and long term, guided by visionary and innovative concept outlines of the future products.
Though most significant technological innovations in the maritime field originated from Europe, European shipbuilding industry has lost a significant part of its market share over the last decades, mainly by aggressive competition and cheap labour.
One of the concepts to counter for this situation is an integrated and systematic approach towards the development of innovative concept outlines for future products